My Books

I have read many thousands of books and I have written about 30. Here are some of the books I have written and/or edited:

Very Heath Robinson (published by Sheldrake Press, 4 May 2017)

Very Heath Robinson

My very newest book is called “Very Heath Robinson” and it has been four years in the making. I have tried to tell the stories behind the pictures and explain them in relation to the times in which he lived and worked. Heath Robinson was a fantastic illustrator and the book includes hundreds of his illustrations in glorious full colour print.

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Schrodinger’s Cat: Groundbreaking Experiments in Physics (Metro Books 2015) published in America

Schrodingers Cat

“Experiments that Define Physics How can a cat be alive and dead at the same time? Why did Archimedes cry out ‘Eureka!’ after stepping into his bath? How was Higg’s ‘God particle’ finally identified? Featuring science’s greatest experiments, Schrodinger’s Cat introduces you to the groundbreaking experiments that have defined the scientific age. It is an essential guide to science in action and the work of the great scientists whose ideas have shaped the modern world.”



Pavlov’s Dog: Groundbreaking Experiments in Psychology (Metro Books 2015) published in America

Pavlovs dog


Does watching violent media cause violence? Is prejudice a natural part of the human condition? Do our thoughts really control our actions? These and other questions are answered inside the pages of PAVLOV’S DOG, your definitive guide to the groundbreaking experiments that have defined the discipline of psychology over the last hundred years. Whether you’re interested in memory or prejudice, learning or schizophrenia, you’ll find something to interest you in this essential guide to the science of the mind.



HISTORY (3rd Edition) (Dorling Kindersley, Sept. 2015)

History 3rd Edition

This 620 page, hard back, book brings the people and events of history to life, History makes the past accessible and relevant. Featuring the important events and figures that have shaped the present, from the very origins of humanity to key contemporary issues, such as the development of the internet and social media. It reveals common threads and forces that have shaped the present day.




The Science Book – BIG Ideas Simply Explained 

(Dorling Kindersley July 2014)

The Science Book

Part of the popular Big Ideas series, The Science Book explores the history of science, how scientists have sought to explain our incredible universe and how amazing scientific discoveries have been made. I was Consultant Editor for this book and also wrote about one fifth of the content.






Pop Up Book of Inventions 

(Walker 4 Oct. 2012)

A great book for children. Discover how the world’s greatest inventions work in this funny and accessible novelty book. If you’ve ever wondered why the pencil came into existence, or how a steam engine works, or when we started using flushing toilets, this book has all the answers.




The Book of Time

( Published by Mitchell Beazley, 3 Oct 2011 )

From water clocks to atomic chronometers, people have always tried to keep track of time, while wondering what it is, and why women, plants, and fish have cycles linked to the Moon. Does time really slow down when you are bored and speed up in emergencies? Was there a beginning of time, and will there be an end?