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Read Alice Hinds interview with Adam  for the Sunday Post – all about Fibonacci’s Rabbits.

Fibonacci’s Rabbits (November 2019)

How can a butterfly change the weather? Is there a computer that can solve any equation? Why are there 60 seconds in a minute?

These and other questions are answered inside this definitive guide to the ground-breaking discoveries and mathematicians that have shaped the discipline of mathematics from Ancient Greece to present day.

Read an article about ‘Schrodinger’s Cat: And 49 Other Experiments that Revolutionised Physics’  – in E&T Engineering and Technology Magazine (December 2018)
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Pavlov’s Dog, Schrodinger’s Cat and Fibonacci’s Rabbits
Published 2018/2019 in Great Britain

      Pavlov's Dog Book Cover

MY PREVIOUS BOOK …. Very Heath Robinson published May 2017.

This book takes a nostalgic look bVery Heath Robinsonack to the imaginative and often frivolous world of William Heath Robinson, one of the few artists to have given his name to the English language. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the expression Heath Robinson is used to describe ‘any absurdly ingenious and impracticable device of the kind illustrated by this artist‘.

Yet his elaborate drawings of contraptions are not the only thing to make this book very Heath Robinson. Full of quirky images from Romans wearing polka dots to balding men seducing mermaids, Very Heath Robinson presents an unconventional history of the world in which technology and its social setting get equal billing.

Book Reviews

Illustration Magazine, Summer 2017:  A curious mix of reality and imagination, mundane daily tasks and ludicrously improbable situations make William-Heath Robinson’s machines fascinating, hilarious and, occasionally, only just across the line of feasibility, says Adam Hart-Davis.

New Design Magazine, July 2017: Adam Hart-Davies delves into the wonderfully eccentric world of William Heath Robinson and his extraordinary mechanical contraptions

 Country Life Magazine, May 2017: HEATH ROBINSON is in the air. A new museum devoted to the life and work of the celebrated ‘contraption cartoonist’ opened in Pinner this year and now we have this handsome celebratory book, with a foreword by Philip Pullman, who notes that, ‘the quality most lasting of all in Heath Robinson’s work is the charm’.

i-Magazine Coffee Table Choice, May 2017: A baby-naming machine, a robot to take the awkwardness out of meeting new people, a bath for three and an extending bungalow: all
inventions from the marvellous mind of William Heath Robinson.

The Spectator, May 2017: The expression “Heath Robinson” has entered the dictionary to mean an over-ingenious, ridiculously complicated or elaborate mechanical contrivance”.

The Sunday Telegraph, May 2017:  ran a double-page spread on the book and you can buy it from their bookshop.

Surrey LifeJune 2017: ‘His gravity defying contraptions operated by strings, pulleys and anything else that came to hand, have entertained the public while inspiring artists and film makers…’

The Lady,  May 2017

West Country Life,  June 2017. Simon Parker chats to Adam Hart-Davis about the book he has written to celebrate ingenious creator of home spun mechanisms, W Heath Robinson.

Here is a review of the book on the Female First web site, May 2017.