I am a freelance writer and photographer, I have written many books about Science and History. I do some broadcasting on radio and television. I like working from home, often with a cat helping on my desk. When I have to travel I try to do it by bike and train and I greatly  enjoy cycling around on my new electric bike.

HERE IS MY LATEST BOOK – Read a review of “Fibonacci’s Rabbits” on PopularScience and another review on Bookmunch

Fibonacci’s Rabbits – November 2019

How can a butterfly change the weather? Is there a computer that can solve any equation? Why are there 60 seconds in a minute?

These and other questions are answered inside this definitive guide to the ground-breaking discoveries and mathematicians that have shaped the discipline of mathematics from Ancient Greece to present day.

And my previous two books in the same series

Schrodinger’s Cat  and Pavlov’s Dog

Previously available only in the US and France. Now published in Great Britain by Modern Books