Lectures and Podcasts

I am always getting emails from people asking how they can watch the popular “Local Heroes” series again. Sadly it is not on TV anymore – but someone has put up a lot of the videos on this YouTube page – so fans of the series might enjoy watching them again.

Mysterious Time:  recorded at the Ratio Forum for Popular Science in Bulgaria

Adam Hart-Davis talks about time and will review what time means from the point of view of history, commerce, psychology, biology, physics and other sciences. He explains how time was measured over the ages and in different civilizations, how time influences living organisms and other interesting points of view. (Sept 2013)


Just Another Day – Adam Hart Davis looks into the science and history of everyday objects. This episode: domestic appliances. This clip shows a vacuum cleaner collector and an ingenious working model of the first electric vacuum cleaner, made using a desk fan. (October 2009)



The History Channel:  City of London to Southwark. Presented by Adam Hart Davis, this tour is a rich bag of architectural, economic, social and medical history, taking you from the centre of the medieval City of London, the Guildhall, south across the river to Southwark. (Feb 2008)