Welcome to my new website

This is a very new website and I am in the process of creating and improving it. If you find something that doesn’t work please help me out by letting me know.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my new website

    1. Thanks for the comment Andrew. We are gradually trying to add more information from the old web site to the new – but comments like this are really helpful so that we know what people would like to read about — I will add that to the list (Webmaster)

  1. Great to see you using WordPress Adam! I was a big fan of your “What the … did for us” way back, had all the books! I’m a WordPress specialist so if you need to pick any brains whilst you’re working on website feel free to let me know, will be very happy to help.

    1. Thanks Christian, good to hear from you. My assistant, Ali, works on the web site and is hoping to get a lot more information up on there over the coming weeks. But I’m sure she may appreciate some advice if she gets stuck. Maybe there should be a book “What WordPress did for us?”

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